9 years of experience

About L.A. Aguayo

I'm a 30 years old fitness competitor and coach from St. Louis, MO

Growing up with severe Hemophilia led me to finding my passion in the fitness industry. I knew if I wanted to be there for my kids and family I needed to make some changes in my fitness and nutrition. Once I set my mind to something I go all in. After just one year I decided to compete with the best bodybuilders in the world. I stepped on stage at the Arnold Classic in 2016 and then 3 more times after that.

About Aly Aguayo

I am a 26 year old, work from home mom of 3 little girls. I found my passion for working out and living a healthy lifestyle after being pregnant and needing to lose the extra weight. I decided that the only way for me to stay accountable was to sign up for a NPC fitness show and really put my hard work to the test. After transforming my own body and feeling amazing, I knew that helping others lose weight, gain confidence and get healthy was what I wanted to do.